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Orthodontist Near Me

Do you need help to correct teeth or jaws that are not correctly positioned? Are you looking for a professional orthodontist to help you with the procedure? Have you used words such as ‘orthodontist near me’ while searching online for an organization that has qualified and experienced orthodontists? If you have responded with a ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you don’t need to look beyond Culmore Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. 

Culmore Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is a facility that is renowned for providing highly professional orthodontic services in Fairfax, VA as well as all the areas in the region such as Falls Church, Alexandria, and Arlington. You can visit us if you need services that are related to orthodontics, such as diagnosis and treatment or correction of jaws and teeth that are not well positioned. We also offer information about prevention of dental malposition, especially in children.
In addition to providing orthodontic services, we also provide specialized pediatric dental services. Under the pediatric dental service, we carry out practices such as regular and prophylactic dental care, as well as emergency dental care. We also provide dental education, whereby we advise our clients on how to take care of teeth, especially the teeth of children, in order to avoid dental and oral problems.
Our services are delivered by highly trained and experienced medical practitioners under the leadership of Dr. Oscar Luna. Dr. Luna is a pediatric dentist who has been involved in private practice since 2002. Therefore, he has a wealth of knowledge regarding the prevention as well as management of conditions that are related to dental health.


Under Dr. Luna’s leadership, we emphasize the need to prevent and properly treat all kinds of dental and oral problems. Therefore, if you have typed ‘orthodontist near me’, you simply need to visit us. Reach us if you are in Fairfax or nearby. You can also get more information at http://Culmorepd.com.